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Episode 67: Who's Hot And Who's Not? Hetero-Male Penis Fetish, MMF Cuckery

Team YMMV | 5-19-2022 | 1:01:19

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If a woman has a squirting orgasm, needs to pee before she has sex, needs to pee before her orgasm and then no longer needs to pee after the orgasm, then where did the pee go? Well, naturally it dematerialized, and the squirt she squirted wasn't pee at all but some other substance! Right?

Who's more attractive? Porn stars or non porn stars? Is there some upper bound on attractiveness after which a woman wouldn't even consider getting into porn?

How often is a man aroused by something he sees in porn, but then he doesn't want to do it in real life?

And, a couple topics that come up somewhat often: MMF situations and men who fetishize penises but "aren't gay." In what situation would a hetero man give another man a handjob? What are reasonable limits to curiosity?

To follow along with the lovely lady's images we discussed early in the episode:


We get a lot of our questions from Reddit, so for our listeners' enjoyment, here are links to some of the questions we discussed this week:





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